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Dr. Brandi Moore has changed my life!!!!  Dr. Moore discovered vitamin deficiencies, a severe hormone imbalance and an autoimmune disease that easily could have been diagnosed earlier had the proper tests been ordered with my previous physicians.  The bottom line is that after her recommended dietary changes and supplementation - I have lost 24 lbs, my insomnia is gone, my energy is back and I haven't felt this good in years! I highly recommend Dr. Brandi Moore to anyone seeking a true "root of the problem." I have sent many friends to her and they all have nothing but excellent things to say about her!

- Annie C.

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"My visit with Dr. Moore was my first experience with Naturopathic/integrative health and I can now say I am a LIFER. After having sought medical advice from dermatologists and conventional doctors regarding my rosacea - most of whom were unable to give me any conclusive answers and only offered me prescription medication to target the symptoms rather than the cause- Dr. Moore enlightened me to the connection between my food intolerance's and skin condition. She was friendly, attentive, and professional - forever thank you for your help!

- Connie B.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Moore about 9 months ago. I came to her because I wasn't feeling well and couldn't pin point why. We suspected it was hormone related and it was.   After extensive blood work Dr Moore devised a plan to get me feeling better.  I continue to see and recommend her because she takes time to actually listen to you, ask informed questions and then devised a proactive plan to fit your specific concerns.  I highly recommend Dr Moore as your wellness provider.  My family goes to her and we are all happy and healthier for it.

- Joni L.