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The Birth Control Breakdown
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Millions of women are on birth control and yet few of them know how it works and the effects it has on their body.


So, what are your options? How well do they work? What are the side effects? How will they affect your future family goals?

Dr. Brandi will be answering these questions and so much more in this free webinar.

Life After (Hormonal) Birth Control

So you want to get off of hormonal birth control? Well you're in the right place!

In this 6 week course, Dr. Brandi will be giving you the tools to ditch hormonal birth control and restore your hormone health for good.

During this course you will learn how to restore your hormone health post birth control. We cover how to detox, track your cycle, balance your hormones and so much more.

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Get to Know Your Cycle
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A woman's cycle tells her (and her doctor) a lot of information about her health.


And since hormones control all aspects of our health (fertility, weight, sleep, mood, skin, get the point), knowing how to track your cycle is KEY!

Is my cycle normal? Should I bleed this much? What is my body trying to tell me about my health? Do I ovulate, when my app says I do?

In this free webinar, you will learn how to track your cycle beyond the apps.

Perfect Your Period

Heavy bleeding, spotting between periods, periods that come too soon, periods that come too late, painful cramps, clots........these are just a few things that many women experience each month.

All of them point to something greater going on with your hormone health. In this 5 week course, you will learn about your cycle, what it is telling you and how to fix it.

Dr. Brandi has helped hundreds of women, restore their periods to perfection and balance their hormones. And she's ready to do the same for you.

Stomach Ache
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5 Fertility Mistakes You're Making
(And How to Fix Them)

Pregnancy happens easily for some, and a bit harder for others. But what if I told you there are things you are doing that are hindering your baby goals?

In this free webinar, Dr. Brandi will be discussing the top fertility mistakes she has seen in private practice and the ways you can fix them.

Baby Makes 3

Deciding you are ready to step into motherhood can be both the most exciting time of your life as well as the most stressful.

There is so many factors that can affect your fertility and so many recommendations to help you conceive easily. What advice is legitimate? Where do you start? Did I ovulate and does that matter?

In this 6 week course, Dr. Brandi will help you understand and optimize your fertility. If you are ready to add baby to the mix, this is the right course for you.

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