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The Pretty Healthy Podcast Episode 4: All Things Skin with Kimberly Fox

On this episode of The Pretty Healthy Podcast, we are talking with Kimberly Fox. She is a licensed esthetician, certified laser technician and owner of Evolve Skin Bar in Scottsdale, Az. The best part of her job is helping others gain self-confidence back.Today, we are talking all things skin. From the role that stress can play to what skincare trends she stands behind.

1:44 Journey from Licensed Family Therapist (LFT) to Esthetician

3:23 Holistic skincare

5:34 What Dr. Brandi see’s the most in practice?

6:24 Gut Health and Skin

7:26 Antiviral/Antibiotics for clear skin

12:14 Why Kimberly chose the holistic skincare route

16:35 Where to start when detoxing your home

19:04 Finding good affordable skincare products

24:52 Skin Hygiene Tips

29:52 Effects of stress on the skin

38:47 *Game: Do it OR Screw it!: Skin care trends

1:05:26 Talking injectables

1:13:31 How to find a good esthetician

1:17:00 How to work with Kimberly

Food sources of prebiotics: chicory root, dandelion greens, garlic, jerusalem artichoke, onions, leak, asparagus, bananas, barley, oats, apples, konjac root, cocoa, burdock root, flaxseeds, yacon root, jicama root, wheat bran, seaweed


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